Pregnancy Symptoms

Schedule an Appointment Answer these questions to help determine whether or not you may be pregnant.Have you been experiencing bodily changes? Do you think you may be pregnant? This can be an exciting time but also a puzzling time. To … Continued

Does Abortion Affect Fertility?

Maybe you don’t feel ready to be pregnant right now, but you’d like to be in the future. Perhaps you’re considering abortion in Georgia, but are concerned that it could cause fertility problems down the road. Unfortunately, abortion isn’t a … Continued

What is the Abortion Pill?

An unplanned pregnancy can rip the rug out from under you. It can be easy to make a snap decision out of fear, but it’s crucial to ask questions and get all the facts on your options to protect your … Continued

How Does Plan B Affect Your Body?

If you’re sexually active, there’s always a chance you could get pregnant, even if you’re using protection. Perhaps you’re considering Plan B to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. However, Plan B isn’t foolproof, nor is it without its risks. It’s important … Continued

Can You Drink While Pregnant?

It can happen to anyone. Maybe you weren’t trying to get pregnant, but now you’ve skipped a period and you just went out for drinks with your partner last night. Perhaps you already know that you’re pregnant, but a friend … Continued