Free Pregnancy Tests

Have you missed your period? Are you experiencing pregnancy symptoms? Perhaps you’ve already taken a pregnancy test at-home, but want a second opinion. GMPC Medical provides lab-quality pregnancy tests so you can be certain you’re pregnant. Results are 99% accurate and 100% confidential!

Free Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds provide the insight needed to make an informed and empowered decision for an unplanned pregnancy! They determine three key things about your pregnancy: placement, viability, and gestational age.

What is Pregnancy Placement?

In order for the pregnancy to develop properly, the fertilized egg needs to implant into the uterus. In rare cases, the egg can implant outside of the uterus, whether in the fallopian tubes, the abdominal cavity, or on an ovary. This is known as an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies can’t be carried to term, as the embryo will eventually cause a rupture if not discovered in time. This is a life-threatening medical emergency that requires immediate care. The good news is that most ectopic pregnancies are detected before a rupture happens, thanks to ultrasounds!

What is Pregnancy Viability?

A viable pregnancy means that the pregnancy is progressing properly. For example, at about six weeks, the embryo should have a heartbeat. The goal is to rule out a nonviable pregnancy, such as a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy—in either case, abortion isn’t needed.

What is Gestational Age?

How far along am I? Your ultrasound can answer that question! It’s important to know how far along you are (also known as your gestational age), as you can’t take the abortion pill past 10 weeks of pregnancy. Additionally, Georgia law prohibits abortion beyond 6 weeks. If you intend to travel out of state for an abortion, be aware that the surrounding areas may prohibit abortion beyond a certain point in your pregnancy as well.

Free Pregnancy Services in Blairsville, GA

Before spending your money only to find out you aren’t eligible for abortion, consider receiving a free ultrasound at GMPC Medical!

If your ultrasound determines that your pregnancy isn’t viable or that you’re too far along for abortion, our compassionate client advocates will help you explore all of your pregnancy options, so you can make the best choice for your health and future!